Sailing at Medes Islands

Discover the Costa Brava!!!

Basic facts

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Basic facts

Meeting time: 14 h / 16:30 h.

Material: Life Jacket.

Duration: 2 h.

Minimum: 6 years.

Not included:

Sport clothes, swimming suit and towel, water, hat, solar creme and if you want photography camera.


Would you like to approach Illes Medes by sailing boat and learn the basics of sailing?

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!! Come to sail during 2h with a sailboat of 9m of length and a qualified monitor that will do of this baptism of sail, a trip of learning and amusement.

Enjoy feeling the breeze marina in your skin, f bathing in a few clean and crystalline waters, and of feeling favoured for sailing in a place so special like they are the Illes Medes.

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