Environmental policy

Environmental commitment 

Medaqua works to make its economic and tourism development compatible with environmental protection and quality in the provision of its services.

This goal is especially important for us as we develop our activity in the heart of the Montgrí, the Medas Islands and Baix Ter Natural Park, and especially in the surroundings of the Medas.

Our objectives are to achieve full customer satisfaction and environmental protection, through continuous improvement in the provision of our services.

We ensure to maintain the competitiveness of the company, guaranteeing the prevention of pollution, controlling all aspects of our activity that may have an impact on the environment, making the natural values of our environment known, and integrating the stakeholders in the development of our activity.

For this reason, in 2018 we decided to join the ISO 14001 system.

With this goal in mind we keep working with the conviction that environmental management is an essential factor for any company committed to its environment.

In this premise, all members of the company are involved, and through a cordial and attentive treatment, will fight for excellence in everything they do to provide the best level of service to all customers and ensure the maintenance of the space we work in.