Discover the underwater world

Discover the underwater world and a picnic at the boat with your company

EXCLUSIVE FOR COMPANIES AND GROUPS, try dive + picnic at the boat from 79€ by person


Discover the incredible sensation of breathing under the water WITHOUT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE, and after the try dive, a picnic at the boat, 


The Try dive is the first contact with the world of sacuba diving, and is suitable for all kinds of persons from 10 years of age. the dip realizes with a personal guide that accompanies you, instructs you and attends you during the whole activity, doing of her an exciting and very sure experience. 


You will enjoy some 20min dip, time more than sufficient to soak in the marvels that they live in the depths of the sea and to take with you an unrepeatable experience. After the dip, you will be able to enjoy a snorkel at same place and a picnic at the boat.