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Basic facts

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Basic facts

Meeting time: 10 h / 16 h.
Material: Wetsuit, tub, mask and fins.
Duration: 3 h.
Minimum: 10 years.
Not included:
Sport clothes, swimming suit and towel, water and if you want photography camera.
Important: People with asthma, epilepsy, lung disease, heart problems, perforation of eardrums, diabetes or vascular diseases must presetn a specific medical certificate in order to do the activity. Pregnant women or people who have suffered pneumothorax cannot do the activity. 

It discovers the incredible sensation of breathing under the water, and WITHOUT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE!!

The baptism of skin-diving is the first contact with the world of the scuba diving, and is suitable for all kinds of persons from 10 years of age. The dip realizes with a personal guide that he accompanies you, instructs you and attends you during the whole activity, doing of her an exciting and very sure experience.

You will enjoy some 20min dip, time more than sufficient to soak in the marvels that they live in the depths of the sea and to take with you an unrepeatable experience. After the dip you will be able to enjoy a snorkel there same. After the dip you will be able to enjoy a snorkel there same.

And if you realize OPEN WATER COURSE with us, you will receive an equivalent DISCOUNT at the cost of the baptism. SIGN ALREADY!

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