Discover the river Ter

Activity for companies and groups, the river Ter by Bike and Kayak

Route discovery of the river Ter, combining the bicycle and kayak.

This route offers an agreeable tour between wonderful landscapes that form a part of the Natural Parc of the Montgrí, Illes Medes i Baix Ter.

We will begin crossing in bicycle the most flat part of the Natural Parc, consisted of wetlands, fields of culture or apple trees, or river’s forest.

We will continue for the speck of the river Ter up to reaching the other shore. There we’ll have the kayaks waiting for us, and we’ll take it up to the spectacular river mouth of the Ter. The activity is suitable for all ages and levels.

You will discover the river from the water with kayak, and from land with bicycle.

Leave you to wrap for the nature and observe the quantity of life (vegetation, birds, reptiles, amphibians ...) that the river hides us. The variety of birds that live or rest in the river, will do the delights of all the participants.

Come to l'Estartit and sign with us!