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Activitats d'aventura a les Illes Medes

Book your sport and adventure outdoor activities in the Natural park Medes islands - Montgrí - Baix Ter

Make this OPEN WATER course



Get your opewn water title on this 5-days course, where you will also do snorkeling and kayaking at Medes...

Discover Natural Park of Montgrí - Medes Islands - Baix ter

Enjoy the Natural Park of Montgrí - Illes Medes - Baix Ter with the multi-activity program "Discover the Natural Park", where you will know the...

Diving courses
Do you want to continue learning at diving world

With medaqua, you can continue learning at diving world with next courses of: 


- Scuba Diver

- Open water Diver

- Advanced Diver

- Rescue...

From 25 to 29 of June, and from 02 to 06 of July

Discover the fun and exciting activities that you can do at the sea. Located in the privileged setting of Estartit, in the middle of the Natural...

Montgrí: natura and history
Discover the natura and history of Montgrí

At this hiking route, you will discover wild nature and incredible history of Montgrí

On route at the river Ter
On this route with e-bike you will discover the birds and flowers most caractherisitc of Baix Ter

Do you know the natrual park of Montgrí - Illes Medes - Baix Ter?


This spring we have the system for discovering Baix!


On this route with...

Diving course at Midsummer
Especial Diving course at midsummer

Get your open water course at Midsummer with this special diving course


From 300€


The Medes islands Marine reserve is the principal area to discover all the biodiversity of the Mediterranean sea.

A 90% of the species of the...

Kayak on the Montgrí's coast
Cliffs and creeks in the Natural Park of Montgrí Illes Medes.

Do you like the kayak? Have you little experience?

We propose a visit from the sea to the cliffs of the Parc Natural of the Montgrí in kayak.



The Medes islands Marine reserve is the principal area to discover all the biodiversity of the Mediterranean sea.

A 90% of the species of the...

Eco-snorkeling at Montgri's coast
Medes islands- montgrí Natural Park

Discover from the sea, the littoral of the Parc Natural of the Montgrí, abundance of impressive cliffs and precious hidden coves that enter a sea...

Sailing at Medes Islands
Discover the Costa Brava!!!

Would you like to approach Illes Medes by sailing boat and learn the basics of sailing?

THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!! Come to sail during 2h with a...

Discover scuba diving
Discover scuba diving in the Natural park of Montgrí

It discovers the incredible sensation of breathing under the water, and WITHOUT PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE!!

The baptism of skin-diving is the first...

Torroella legends and Market street
Route dels Masos, Can Quintana, El Trull, Mota del Ter

Did Red Beard attack these coasts? Were pirates sheltering in Medes Island’s? They were stealing, were kidnapping and battling in this zone?...

The Robinson's
Natural park del Montgrí, Cala Pedrosa

Enjoy this combined activity of half a day. SHIP + HIKING

We leave L'Estartit by boat to contemplate the Les Illes Medes Nature Reserve, to sail...

Kayak: Medes Islands Tour
The marine reserve islands

This departure by kayak, combines sport, sea and adventure, and allows us to discover Illes Medes and its seabed.

The duration is of 2h, and...

Discover the Ter
The river Ter by Bike and Kayak

Route discovery of the river Ter, combining the bicycle and kayak.

This route offers an agreeable tour between wonderful landscapes that form a...

Eco-Snorkel to the Medes Islands
Discover Medes Islands with the best snorkeling tour of Costa Brava

Leave you to surprise for the subaquatic world that Illes Medes hides the Marine Reservation of them, considered her BETTER OF THE WHOLE...


Explore Dalí’s universe and discover the portal of entry to a multiple universe of sensations and subjective experiences:

“In this privileged...