1h 30min

Get to know the spectacular Montgrí coast, its imposing cliffs and idyllic hidden coves.

We will sail through the calm waters of the Montgrí Natural Park, a protected environment that preserves its natural and scenic richness. From the sea, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the imposing cliffs that become silent guardians of the coast, while discovering idyllic coves hidden among the rocky outcrops.

The Montgrí coast is not only surprising for its beauty, but also for its underwater wealth.

With the Medes Islands as a witness, we will explore this underwater paradise, where marine life dazzles with its diversity and colors. The waters surrounding the islands are a protected marine reserve, a biodiversity sanctuary that houses unique species and fragile ecosystems. We will continue our route until we reach the majestic Foradada rock.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy this walk, where the coast of Montgri shows us its greatness, and the sea becomes our path to its discovery.

Includes stop for swim.