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Special activities for groups and companies

3 Creeks
Mixed route of boat trip and trekking through the 3 most beautiful creeks of Montgrí's coats

At this mixing route of boat trip and trekking, we will start with a boat trip next to Montgrí's coast, and discovering his cliffs. 


We will...

Discover the underwater world
Discover the underwater world and a picnic at the boat with your company

EXCLUSIVE FOR COMPANIES AND GROUPS, try dive + picnic at the boat from 75€ by person


Discover the incredible sensation of breathing under the...

On route at the river Ter
On this route with e-bike you will discover the birds and flowers most caractherisitc of Baix Ter

Do you know about the agricultural area of the Natural Park of MOntgrí - Illes Medes - Baix Ter? Do you know the history of its guaita's towers?...

Discover the Medes islands
Activity for companies and groups, route of kayak and snorkeling at Medes islands

Discover with Medaqua the Medes Islands


Enjoy our sea-kayaking tour to Medes Islands, and then discover the marine reserve of Medes Islands...

Discover the river Ter
Activity for companies and groups, the river Ter by Bike and Kayak

Route discovery of the river Ter, combining the bicycle and kayak.

This route offers an agreeable tour between wonderful landscapes that form a...